Friday, May 11, 2007

Storage for the Masses

"this is why I only hang out with you when you least then you are kind of normal" - Friend of Brianinmpls

(Ok I guess that kind of counts as a weekend word of Now normally I would have let the following situation go but this guy was just an ass so I had to take it to the limit)

I went to a company called Public Storage with a friend of mine today who is looking to store some things as he is going through a divorce.

I got into a little discussion with the rep who was setting my friend up.

I just casually pointed out that if you need to pay, be a certain age or pass a credit check then it really isn't public storage it should be call Private storage. Anytime there is a barrier for entry into an establishment such as criteria restrictions or authorization it is no longer is private.

For some reason he argued that this was a Public storage it was open to the public...

In trying to prove my point I walked out of the office and proceeded to jump the eight foot fence guarding the perimeter of these "public" storage lockers. After enough chaos ensued to prove my point that this was not a public storage I.e trying to open lockers and store some stuff (mainly a pack of gum, some change and a whistle I had on me for some reason)....We were quietly asked to leave and not return.

Or we would be charged with trespassing on private property of the Public Storage Company....


Mags said...

Will you marry me?

Rocketstar said...

First of all, you are not any wierder than most, and who doesn't like wierd?

"Anytime there is a barrier for entry into an establishment such as criteria restrictions or authorization it is no longer is private."

-- I have to disagree here man. Parks are a publis place but you can't stay there unless you have permission i.e. pay and show ID.

The roads are a public place but you can't drive on them without a license.

There are municapl golf courses that are public but you have to pay and reserve a tee time.

I don't think the word "public" denotes the fact that yoou are free to "use", "inhabit" etc... the public entitity without any scrutiny or guidelines for entry or use.

I see your point, but the name "Public Storage" is just like "Cub Foods". Cub doesn't sell bear food.

Brian in Mpls said...

Mags: I now pronounce us cyber husband and wife:)

Rocket: What park are you going that you have to show id?

That is to use a car though not the, walk bus

Golf Course yeah you have to pay but there is no age limit or background check to pay. I would equate this to having to pay court costs when you get are paying the city for a this case golf

....Want to go to cub with me today and raise a ruckus? Although I can see the name as in Cub meaning also as small animal and draw the comparision to the children that I see in there with their parents and then the name seems to fit

dawnmarie said...

Rocket's right. Public places are not defined the way you seem to think they are. Sporting event = public, but you have to pay. Stores are public places, but you can be kicked out. They have the right to refuse service.

Public Service: Welfare. It's available to the public, but you have to meet certain eligibility in order to benefit from it.

the108 said...

I see what you mean by this. And.... I love that you proved your point and were asked to leave :-)

Mags said...


You want to know what did it for me? The fact that you had a whistle. For no reason.

I'm so glad I'm Mrs. Cyber Brian in Mpls.

Do I get a ring? LOL.

Brian in Mpls said...

Dawn: I would still beg to differ a sporting event is not in a public place and is not a public event. When you walk through the doors you are entering a private establishment. It is not public in the way that a park is. Same with a store it is a private business that allows the public to shop there there is a difference. Although the Welfare argument is good I hadn't thought of that.

Mags: I was going to mail it with the phone but sis had to squash that I will think of something else

108: I know as so as he said I am going to call the cops and have you arrested for tes. on private property I knew I had

Little Sis said...

Leave it to my brother to break it down and analyze the shit out of it!! hahaha! That's why we love you Rocket: forever the professor.

That's awesome, I love that you jumped the fence to prove your point. How pissed was your friend?

Normal? What's normal? I hate normal! Let me know how the ruckus goes at cub..that should be a fun one.. ;)

EC said...

I have come to the conclusion that you are like the most awesome person I have never met, lol. who the hell would ever think to do that!! That is so cool :)

the108 said...

You're right about private property. Owen was hit by a car in the parking lot of a hotel and the police said that they couldn't arrest the guy who hit him even though he was driving drunk... because it happened on private property and it would be up to the hotel to deal with it.

It was a parking lot. Outside. Ridiculous.

Lesson learned: when running over children, make sure that you do it on private property so that you don't get in trouble.

I wonder if this means that I could have sex in the middle of the parking lot. After all... it's private.

but yet... something tells me that I'd be charged with public indecency.

Dem Soldier said...

"There are municapl golf courses that are public but you have to pay and reserve a tee time>"

Rocked, I gotta agree with my boy, yeah U can't just stay without city ok, but that doesn't change the ownership....your just paying for service.