Tuesday, May 15, 2007

A Little Over Due Credit for E-Textbooks

I love e-Textbooks for the following reasons

1.) They are cheaper.
2.) They are much more searchable.
3.) It is easier to insert and find footnotes, bookmarks and references that I have left for the material.
4.) If I need an in-text citation for my paper I can copy and paste.
5.) I can have two windows open on my monitor and type and read as I go with out having to stop and start picking up a book.
6.) When it comes time for book buy back I don't have to wait in line or slang my shit on Amazon only to be fucked out of 99.9% of what I had to fork over for a book.

Now I apply this only to text books. Because the for personal reading I do tends not to happen with me chained to a desk. For personal reading I still like paper, but for anything required for a degree give me an e-textbook or at least the option otherwise you are cheating me with one of the worst scams allowed by law....Book Booking (The name I made up...I hope it catches on)


the108 said...

Because I'm such an extraordinary friend, I will adopt your newfound term and use it liberally.

lauren said...

I like it.

Rocketstar said...

There's nothing like the smel of a new paper book.