Thursday, May 10, 2007

Pile of Life

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Pile of Life
Wading through a summation of life.

Cuts and infection.

Bacteria seeping through,

Wounds caused by mountains of,

Beer cans,

Used condoms,

Unopened condoms,

Bloody tampons,

Cigarette butts,

Whose quality matched,

The ebbs and flow,

Net income ratio,

Of an excuse for life.

Rats so gorged on left over's ,

They are too fat to move,

Making the circle of,

Life in America complete.

286 processors,

As seen on TV,



Wedding gifts,

Still wrapped in ribbon.

Bodies ravaged to pieces,

By scavengers , bodies,

You stepped on,

To get here.

Mailing adds,

Saving you money,

By wasting your time.

Your whole life is here.

Every Mac and cheese box.

Every chard from every,

Broken plate.





Bottle caps that tear into your feet,

So that blood and bile,

Mix in your shiny leather shoes,

Till it feels like you are walking on sponges.

Every thing that comforted you while you slept,

Till it no longer matched the curtains,

Your new life.

This is the stench of you.

Not even your,

Celebrity endorsed,

Scent can cover it up.

News papers,

Rag magazines,

Of things,

Long since,

Ceased to matter.

Piss stained pleated pants.

Caffeine depleted coffee cups.

Crumpled paper thoughts.

Skin burning from the sulfur dioxide,

Of all the decomposing stuff,

I couldn't live without.

I am sitting on the top of my heap of shit,

That stretches to the horizon,

Can't seem to answer,

Am I worth this stench?

(How would you live your life differently if you could never throw anything away?)


Mags said...

This poem is so raw and honest. I love it...

Thomas said...

Mags also wants to see you in the "raw". Won't you please indulge her one of these days?

Mags said...

I think Tommy really wants you and I to hook up Brian.


Simply Jolene said...

I like this poem. Its real.

Megsta said...

wow - a little post earth day poem huh? good stuff Bri!

the108 said...

I don't know, exactly. I think I would move a Once the place filled up with trash, I'd leave and go somewhere else.

I'd also use less stuff... make less food so that less got thrown on the floor, use less...

Either that or I'd take all of our trash and put it through the food processor, mash it up real good and flush it down the toilet.

Yeah... that last one sounds good.

Little Sis said...

Funny how I just got done reading a chapter in my environmental science book about hazardous waste and how we should/could dispose of it..

Wait, are you just trying to tell us you are a dirty, dirty man? ;) LOL

EC said...

Huh... I just don't know what to say... huh... I'm at a loss for words, lol.