Monday, May 21, 2007

Anomaly in the Fabric of Life

I was inching my way through rush hour yesterday when I uncovered 7 cars in a row who's drivers were which of the following...?

a.) Really Really Hot!!!

b.) Talking on their cell phones

c.) Wearing stocking hats in 80 degree weather

d.) Picking their noses

e.) Putting on make-up


Sarah said...

stocking hats!

SherBears said...

I'm going with d because I always pick my nose when stuck in rush hour traffic.

the108 said...

I'm gonna go with the cell

Brian in Mpls said...

And the winner is....

Picking their noses...

What is it about traffic that makes us want to dig for gold?

Mags said...


It's like they think they are invisible inside of their cars. Stupid people.

And it's usually not even just a simple brush of the nose-it really is DIGGING. Like up to the knuckle.

Ick, ick, ick.