Tuesday, May 08, 2007


Post from Erin today inspired a little thought on my part.

Why are trash blogs so popular?

They are quick to read.
They don't require much thought.
They are an illusion of what we want to be.
They are perfect for our life style.

Blogs that don't require much thinking fit right into our busy life styles. If you looks at the highest points of Internet traffic it is during the work week, during work hours. Celebrity gossip blogs and pop culture blogs are perfect escapes for the lunch hour fifteen minutes and you are caught up just about everything. The comments they inspire are equally short and devoid of substance making them a perfect in and out stop. The material is also created for you and doesn't require much thought...so stories can get posted throughout the day driving up visitors as they check back for something new.

I don't think it is right but it is the state of affairs....

I watched Jerry Seinfield give an acceptance speech and I think the comparison he drew between an actor and a comedian can also apply to the blogsphere.

An actor receives rewards and public admiration for doing nothing more then exactly what they are told to do...while a comedian actually has to produce his own material and deliver it.

I would like to give a standing ovation to all of the comedians who are linked on the left:)


EC said...

It's amazing that you aren't wildly popular - that was an excellent and thought provoking post!! Hence, according to your theory why you aren't wildly popular :)

It however is very true! I never really thought of it that way, but I would bet that it is exactly the reason why everyone loves those blogs.

Glad you posted this!

the108 said...

Maybe there are people who check back in frequently for updated posts, but I tend to check in a lot for updated comments...lol. I like posts that inspire thought and conversation and would MUCH rather have that kind of a learning experience, opportunity to make amazing friendships and invitation for thought than I would a huge number of visitors.

Sure, I'd love more traffic, but I also like my intimacy that I get to have with such great blogger friends.

Brian in Mpls said...

I second that:)

Although let the record reflect that I might be a bad person for dogging them because I have to admit I am a visitor and like perez cause he is a mean little fucker and I dig that.

So if you want a well read blog
1.)Update often
2.)Use pictures (pref. of hot ladies)
3.) Keep posts short
4.) Keep it light

That however is not what I want at all..lol

the108 said...

1. The more I write, the less people visit...lol.

2. Um... I'll have to find one online somewhere.

3. There is no way in hell.

4. Simple? What the fuck is "simple?"? I'm not familiar with this term.

Little Sis said...

Well put Brian. I WILL find time to post more, I swear. LOL I am a great and avid reader and commentor, but I will have to do better posting.. ;)

Natty said...

I love those damn sites to tell the truth, because as you said Brian , they are a quick read and very entertaining (Perez has no life) lol.I just can't emulate that style at all,I like being different.

PS: Pictures of Hot girls..lol I think I can do that.

Brian in Mpls said...

Natty, I know you can;)