Thursday, May 17, 2007


My Five Favorite Places to Eat

Primas - Neighborhood Italian joint. I love this place because they have excellent food, it is in the neighborhood, it is quiet, they have a great wine list and I love the owners. They also have a kick ass catering menu and almost every event that I have at my house is subsidized with something from their kitchen.

- Besides being the best bar in the world, having two for one cocktails, Karaoke, Trivia, Sports, Great Patrons, The best bartenders and being in stumbling distance to my house, they also have really good bar food.To know me is to know that I would take a bullet for Tailgate.

The Sample Room - You can not bring a date to the sample room and not get laid. This little tapas place is seriously the best kept secret on the culinary scene in Minneapolis. The vibe, the food, the martinis and wine and it is not going to break your bank.

The Muddy Pig
- This is my Tailgate in St. Paul - Ridiculous beer list to wash down a grilled Kielbasa smothered in mustard with some day old bread, possibly a buffalo chicken salad on the side. Low key great people and you can play battle ship or chess while you have a beer and wait for your food.

Tie for Number 5
Jimmy Johns - A number five (Vito) No Tomatoes, Add Peppers with a bag of regular Lays potato chips and a cherry have to be kidding me it is heaven.
Chipotle - Chicken Burrito Bowl - Cause I hate the tortillas there, Mild, Medium, Corn, Cheese, Lettuce Guac - Complemented by the awesome group of guys I get to eat with. In my world of work and school it seems like I am constantly on the run and these are my two favorite quick stops when life fails to give me the chance to pause.


Rachel said...

mmm. Muddy Pig...

Mags said...

I'd love the muddy pig

And I'm not talking about you B-though I think I'd like you good and dirty too.


dawnmarie said...

Plus the muddy pig is within stumbling distance from my house, not that you ever call me when you're there.

Brian in Mpls said...


It is also stumbling from A.'s house too We usually don;t get in there till like 10:00 and I feel back waking people up that late that have to work early. But I will shoot you a text next time we are there;)

the108 said...

I'm hungry.