Friday, May 18, 2007

Friday aka Scoop Night

If you look back to all of your one night stands chances are the majority of them happened on a Friday night. That is why Friday is known to guys as scoop night.

It is easier to hook up on Friday for the following reasons.

1.) There is just more excitement in the Air, it is the start of the weekend.

2.) People are looking to kick off and blow off the stress of the work and school week.
3.) People are on their work eating schedules so they tend to eat dinner earlier and hence get drunk sooner or just more intoxicated period.

4.) People are on their work schedules and so they have been up longer...fatigue and booze can lead to some bad decisions.

5.) People have a alibi to an extent that they are going to happy hour after work and it just runs late.

6.) People can let loose cause they don't have to wake up early on Sat. mornings.

7.) There are more drink specials on Fridays so people consume more.

8.) Friday after finals is the greatest scoop night of them all and is also known as the Opener of the Summer Season.

9.) Of course if you are in the Service Industry your scoop night is usually Sunday or Tuesday night except that is call cream night and a whole nother post.

Guys who know and exploit this system are known as cocksmen, players, assholes or douche bags depending on what side of the fence you are on....

At any rate for all of my playboys who are going out tonight good luck scooping some bootie


Mags said...

1. There's a lot of excitement in the air in CT.
(OK that's not entirely true, but I can make some)

2. I am looking to off...steam. Yeah.

3. It looks like you are already drunk because you missed #3.

4. I will be drunk by noon.

5.I never run late for a happy hour, but I don't need to be home for any reason tonight.

6. I'm loose.

7. Drinks=made for excessive consumption.

8. I didn't have finals but I've been sick. Have pity on my and open me up.

9. I'm not supposed to admit that I'm in the service industry.

10. How many flights do they have from Mnpls to CT tonight?


Happy Friday Cutie

~paige~ said...

and on the flip side of go girls to all the chickies out there who are also looking for some "no strings attached" action as well. gone are the days that "playin" is just for the guys

Brian in Mpls said...

They run all day;)

I am in no way saying that this is a bad thing I agree I love the female players :)

Just commenting on the anomoly of one night stands tending to fall on a AND GUESS WHAT TODAY IS :)

Little Sis said...

Wow..since you're going to be gone the weekend Rocket and I are going out, have fun tonight! LOL You should really consider being in town next Friday evening so you can join us and come out..

Brian in Mpls said...

How on earth did you get Rocket out on a Friday night?

EC said...

I could definitely scoop some bootie myself tonight ;) It really isn't for just men!!

Thomas said...

What do you mean by booty? Are you referring to pirate treasure or goods?

Little Sis said...

Easy, I haven't seen him in almost a year, he's moving away, and we haven't hung out, out since before I moved away in 2001. So see, you should wait to leave until Saturday and come hang out with us Friday night!

the108 said...

I'm easy. Anytime, anywhere, babe.

lauren said...

Seriously... sex is everywhere when you aren't having any.

Rocketstar said...

Nice post. I should post about my most incredible one night stand in Paris someday.