Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Interview #2

Interview from a Vixen

1. You and I are going on a one month adventure together. There are no rules to the trip and I'm game for anything you want to do no matter how outrageous. Money is not an issue. Where do we go and what do we do along the way?

This trips will have four parts
1.) Cuba we will smoke drink and party the Hemingway way
2.) Spain lol..see above
3.) We will go to space and perhaps conduct experiments for the betterment of mankind on sexual reproduction in zero gravity
4.)I would come out to OR and we would sit in Chucks bushes and go through his trash

2. You have been given the authority to make one illegal substance in our country suddenly legal for use. What do you legalize and why?

It hands down has to be marijuana...why lock peaceful people up for doing nothing...it is a ridiculous law that should have been abolished a long time ago.

3. You see a four hundred pound man with two broken arms standing on the side of a busy sidewalk. His pants are around his ankles and he is begging for someone to please help him pull his pants up and button them. He is not wearing underwear. Do you help him or do you pretend not to have seen him?

I would help him as I would hope someone would help me. I have a soft spot for the underdogs and the forgotten. I think it is a shame that we pretend not to see or help people just cause they are different or not visually pleasing.

4.You have discovered a new continent and need to instate someone to run it for you. You can pick any person dead or alive to run your country. Who do you choose and why?

I would forge a Parliament between Ben Franklin, Thomas Jefferson, Timothy Leary, Susan B. Anthony, Margret Mead, Malcolm X, Winston Churchill, Chuck Palunuik and Sergei Brin because I believe any place is at its best when divergent ideas clash in passionate people. Plus I find each of the above fascinating although some of them are filled with crap the whole of them would be better for the people then any one person in particular.

5. I'm obsessed with Superheroes. Make yourself a superhero and tell me about you. What is your name? What are your super powers? Tell me about your costume.

I would be able to fly, have superhuman strength, be able to turn invisible and stop time and be a master swords man with a curved blade sword. I wear black and have a cloak that I would put on ( kind of a Punisher meets Neo look). Women would fall in love with me at a mere glimpse. I would be called the Looper in tribute to Cindy Lauper Time and Time song and the fact that I would cut peoples heads off...


the108 said...

You're fantastic!

1. I'm so ready for this vacation...lol. I'm visualizing Hemingway meets Raul Duke and Dr. Gonzo... all the madness of the latter with the classic charm of the former....lol.

As your attorney, I must advise you to contact a travel agent :-)

2. Amen!

3. This question was inspired by the show Jackass. They did something very similar. Your answer relieves me :-)

4. Holy cow! Great parliament! It's like government meets The View...lol. I wonder if Susan B. Anthony was hot.

5. Now, would that be your theme song, too??

You can be The Looper and I'll be the Pooper. Hilarity will ensue.


dawnmarie said...

3. Brian, that may be the coolest thing I've ever heard you say.

5. Flying is the most common superhero trait people would want. That and invisibility. i'm not making it up. i learned it in college.

Thomas said...

"We will go to space and conduct experiments on sexual reproduction in zero gravity."

What positions and for how long?

EC said...

Great answers!! See you are already better than those hugely popular blogs :)

the108 said...

Um.... yeah. What Thomas said. I figured I have a right to enquire as well.

Although you said "reproduction"... does this mean that you wish to have babies with me?

Because I gotta tell ya... I have extremely cute kids but I don't really care for them much.

If we have space babies, can we sell them?

Brian in Mpls said...

We I suppose for the sake of the research assignment you would have to do them all....?

Space Babys on Ebay....watch for the auction...