Sunday, April 29, 2007

Whats on Brians IPOD?

Some Albums that have been in heavy rotation at the Johnson Residence latley (Most Played Artist List)

James Blunt -
Modest Mouse -
Lily Allen -
Regina Spektor -
The Killers -
David Grey -
Snow PAtrol -
The Bright Eyes -
Nora Jones -
Damien Rice -
Jack Johnson -
Big L -
Johnny Cash -
Wu-Tang -

PS Thanks for all of the votes for best blog in the universe:) I have the best blog friends ever:)


Rachel said...

Modest Mouse and Snow Patrol have been in pretty heavy rotation on my iPod lately too.

the108 said...

You have very good taste in music. I like damn near everything on your list.

Little Sis said...

I second the 108's opinion