Friday, April 27, 2007

Best Blog of All Time?

In a narcissistic rage fueled by ego and blind passion I have nominated myself for Best Blog of All Time.

I have clicked through enough to know that there is piles of crap out there..... (If you are not linked to my site chances are yours is a pile too....unless you vote for me then I will retrack that comment and link you and give you mad props)

My site was nominated for Best Blog of All Time!

Help a brother feel good about goal is at least 10 votes..I have to have at least ten people in my life who will take pity on


the108 said...

I don't pity But I will go and vote right away because I love your blog very much and find it deserving of such an award :-)

Brian in Mpls said...

You are the greatest ever!!!

Little Sis said...

I voted for you and my brother. His for best blog about stuff. ;) I think I put you at 6 so far.

the108 said...

I voted for Rocket, too because he is just to damned awesome while discussing "stuff".

I'm a loser and have only 9 votes on my hottest mommy blogger nom. Brian... you are very quickly catching up to me and you nominated me a while

Damn it! I wanna be LOVED!!!

Little Sis said...

I voted for you 108..=)

Sarah said...

who loves ya, baby?

Mags said...

I'll vote for you b/c you voted for me. And also, I love you.


I'm trying to push 35 votes for food blog. Who knows?

Rocketstar said...

I slobbed all of your knobs!

Thanks for your slobbin as well.