Sunday, April 22, 2007

Swedish Mafia

Who is to say that there is no Swedish Mafia? Maybe we are too smart to get caught or so smart that how we are cheating the system can't be detected by everybody else.

I got into a bit of a tiff last night as I was told that Swedish people lack the balls neccassary to be tough guys...WTF? You remember the Vikings?

I must admit when I got home to do some research on the subject the first item that came up when I googled Swedish Mafis was a tee-shirt company that is poking fun of IKEA.

I also must admit laughing out load when I reread this the next morning and I used the work tiff in relation to how tough we

But oh well I am sure that there are some pretty bad ass Swedes amoung us who are perfectly capable of carrying on a criminal there...


Mags said...

The Swedish people do have balls.

They're typically smaller than usual and served in a savory sauce as appetizers.

Rachel said...

Dude, I work part-time for the Swedish Mafia. Don't make me kill you with an allen wrench.

Sarah said...

allen wrench! classic. nice work rach.

bri, forgive me if i'm wrong, but weren't the vikings from norway?

my dad's family consists of a bunch of crazy old norwegian kooks and they take offense at being mistaken for swedes. what's up with that?

the108 said...

I find the swedes to be sexual animals which means that I love them.

Brian in Mpls said...

They were from Scandinavia back then there was not the country distinction that there is today we were just all Norse....or from the Nordic countries which was Finland, Denmark, Iceland, Sweden and Norway