Thursday, April 19, 2007

In Defense of Graphic Design as an Art Form

I was watching a good friend of mine at work and I was amazed. His craftsmanship and attention to detail in his artistic form was really awe inspiring. It kind of hit me then that Graphic designers are the modern marble sculptures. He is the Raphael of our time. I brought this insight up at lunch and was nearly laughed out of Jimmy Johns.

Artists don't sit in cubicles? (Wait didn't all of the people who chiseled friezes on ancient Romans work like slaves, much like we do today?)

Why aren't there any famous Graphic Designers(Just like painters of the past only the fact that some of the masters works survive did they become famous.)

Computer Generated Work isn't Art Because the computer does the work.(What that is like saying the canvass does the work for the painter).

Just because it is a new medium doesn't mean that it is now high art.

I wonder why so many artist I know are technophobes?


Mags said...

I agree with you. Though I still hold painters and sculpters to a higher standard for some reason. But graphic art is a talent and I for one know I couldn't do it.

Brian in Mpls said...

but isn't it weird that they are thought of so differently?

the108 said...

It is because it is a "new art" snd people just don't like to break tradition. Graphic arts are quite difficult and I think that people don't understand that because they think that the computer does everything for you. If that were the case, the clay and the paint would also do everything for you. In reality, like clay and paint, computers are just a tool to help you create what you see in your mind. Blending colors, bending images, creating things digitally is just as hard and frustrating.

The only thing you lose out on is texture although you can manipulate those as well, you can't feel it underneath your fingers as you can with taditional artforms.

People do not like evolution in any form. What's weird to me is that a lot of the people who think graphic or digital arts are not art also believe that photography is. Or food. You don't see museums dedictaed to the works of art that people create in the kitchen, but cooking is an incredible art form.

In my mind, anything that touches your senses, is art. Anything that makes you feel differently after you experience is is art.