Friday, April 13, 2007

All the Information in the World

For the first time in history we have access to all of the information in the world and we don't even have to get our lazy asses off the couch. We can talk instantly with almost anybody on this planet. We can view history and research from the best minds that have ever lived. We can search for information on any topic we want.

And this is what we look for.....

Here are the top ten searches on the Internet I weaved them into a non-sense paragraph in vain hopes of converting some of the web surfers of the world who will stumble into this web I have created for them....muhahahahah

1 blades of glory
2 ron jeremy
3 hayden panettiere
4 transformers
5 gwen stefani
6 cesar chavez
7 xbox 360 elite
8 happy feet
9 discovery channel
10 allegra versace

I wonder if anyone who shaves there pubic region calls their razor, blades of glory? Maybe I will have to ask Ron Jermey next time we play transformers on xbox 360 elite. Hopefully he won't bring over the movie happy feet again. I had something so different in mind when he popped that in the deck. I was hoping to see Gwen Stefani toe jobing Hayden Panettiere, but I guess you can't win them all. Guess I will just curl up on the couch and watch Cesar Chavez on the Discovery Channel and eat something so I don't end up looking like Allegra Versace.


Rocketstar said...

Well you do know that the internet was created for Porn.

Brian in Mpls said...

But that isn't even getting top billing anymore...I guess that is what happens when we let these kids online who are too young to appeciate a good bondage scene

the108 said...

Lord, we humans are stupid. Although I think that we have become obsessed with celebrities and entertainment nonsense because the world otherwise has turned to shit and we need to find happiness in the lives of rich

On another note... you've won a Thinking Blogger award so c'mon over and get your badge and link :-)

Thomas said...

Congrads on the award, Brian! This honor should serve as proof to you that there is a God.

Brian in Mpls said...

And they call her the 108

dawnmarie said...

Thomas, pretty sure that's not what this is proof of...

Rocket, if you're referring to Avenue Q, Hennepin Theatre trust released their 07-08 season today, and Avenue Q is coming Jan 08.

Brian, you crack me up.

Anonymous said...

The internet, the amazing internet has made lazy morons of us all. Kids don't even try to do research anymore. They just copy some paper that they found online and hope that it's factual and they don't get busted for plagarism.

Mags said...

You should try typing "Taped his penis" into a post. People seem to google that all of the time. And then they find me. LOL