Monday, April 09, 2007

No, I Will Not Play

I am not sure if there is a dumber game you can play then is just not fun and it is stupid. I don't bend that way. I can't do sit and reach either so yeah...fuck you! I will not play this stupid game.

Five Reasons Limbo is Lame:

1.) It is not erotic to bend like that. If you doubt me try to play it naked. It is like watching someone cough naked, it is just gross.

2.) If I want to see someone fall I will just push them or better yet trip them when they are carrying something, this is much more exciting.

3.) I don't want to see someone get that low. Waist high is good enough...I am just not a fan of the toe job. It's up here honey!!

4.) You can only see down someones shirt if you are the next person in line behind them which makes it a lousy spectator sport.

5.) The shitty music that seems to accompany this lame event always provokes me to the edge of a shooting spree.

If you are planning a party or a wedding keep this, the chicken dance, the makareana(sp) and the Conga line off the itinerary... PLEASE


Thomas said...

Tis true. Twister is much more gratifying.

Mags said...

But I thought yours DOES touch the ground...

Oh well.


the108 said...

Thank god Mags said that... ha ha ha!!!!!

I suck at limbo. The weight of my boobs throws my equilibrium off and I lose every time. But, I have to agree with Thomas.... twister is a good one.

Brian in Mpls said...

lol...I wish.

Say Rah! said...

hahaha. basically, everyone is funny.