Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Naming Convention Change Goes Down in Committee

On the topic of renaming Fathers Day to Motherfuckers Day:

This was voted down on a technicality at the 113th Annual Tailgate Happy Hour convention on the following basis.

It is possible to be a father without being a motherfucker in the literal sense. Since we have to base the assumption of fatherhood on the moment of conception it is possible for intercourse to take place with out fatherhood being decided upon its completion. Since sperm survives for several days inside the Vagina we can not be certain of how soon after ejaculation the man is determined to be father. Since the act of sex can and often is completed before conception one can not be called a motherfucker if his relations end there.

While there is a good chance that relations may continue after conception since it is not guaranteed we can not apply the name to all people on the given holiday. Since it can not be applied we can not over turn the name of Fathers Day into Motherfuckers Day. Although most women in the forum agreed Motherfuckers Day is more appropriate even though not more accurate.


SherBears said...

I have to agree with the Tailgate Happy Hour Committee on this one. My son has an awesome dad - even though he didn't start out that way (amazing what leaving does to a guy) - and I make sure Joe knows how lucky he is.

lauren said...

I like my dad, and would prefer to not think about the moment of my conception. Thank you.

the108 said...

But what about all the ladies who are getting knocked up by invitro these days? Then again, getting fucked by a big, ass needle might just be the kinkiest act of sex there is:-)

My dad was a motherfucker in every sense of the word. Dean-o is a motherfucker because he throws me around the bedroom like a ragdoll and as I am a mother it qualifies.

I approve of renaming the holiday "Motherfucker's Day" just because I truly enjoy curse words and feel that they should be used to describe everything.

Easter is coming up.... what could we raname Easter that is lewd and inappropriate???

Brian in Mpls said...

oh and easter would be a good one too since this is a celebration of fertility...I am thinking something along the lines of sperm mixed with a sprinkler or maybe just Spunkster?

Brian in Mpls said...

Lauren: Where have you been? How are you doing? Miss you...can't wait for an update:)

the108 said...


I thought Easter was about the res-erection of Christ?

Brian in Mpls said...

I dig it we could dye condoms and children everywhere could search for mommy and daddy's porn collection...lol

The109 said...

My father is most certainly a motherfucker in every possible way.

"Spunkster", while creative, is not nearly vulgar enough for my taste. I am racking my brain for something worthy of revolting the masses and in an unpresedented turn of events I cannot think of anything. Perhaps Bunnyfuckers day. We could have vists from the fucking bunnyfuckers, who could in fact be two bunnies permanently stuck together in the act of fucking. This could certainly make for an entertaining event watching the damn thing(s) try to hop around.

Rocketstar said...

How big was this group that conversed about said subject?

It's an interestingly ridiculous subject. ;o)