Sunday, April 29, 2007

You Can't Say That

Apparently there is a clause that is amended to the first amendment right of free speech that says you can not yell, "fire" in a crowded movie theater. Over the last year this clause has been amended to include the following five things....

1.) I am really pissed and I have a list of you fuckers that are going to get it.

2.) Does anyone know how to get a fake visa or weapons grade plutonium?

3.) So you are only thirteen? Can I come over when your parents leave? (I am not going to lie I love to watch the Dateline shows where these people get busted)

4.) Your my best student can you meet me in the parking lot after class today?

5.) They are a bunch of nappy headed hoes.

Before I launch into a rant... Is this right? Should we not be able to call each other names? Talk about issues of anger and violence? When does something become a crime? As soon as you say it? Or do it? Is possible prevention of crime a reason to give our rights away?

I have a hard time with the singling out of students who have graphic or violent writings as some kind of monsters. Had I been in school a few years back when all of this fear was pouring into our culture I would have been one of the people targeted or kicked out of school. That would have been a bad idea. Writing was my outlet. It was my way to let go of feeling and emotions. Most of the imagery that I used was graphic but it was more metaphoric then it was literate. I am nervous to just place people in boxes because of how they choice to express themselves. This will lead to a watered down society where these outlets will create sub-cultures that will become more dangerous then if we accept these difference and embrace them in the mainstream culture. It creates a division of difference and will isolate people having these feelings and place them in an us verse them scenario that will only fulfill the thought that they are alone and have no one...they are not normal. I was truly blessed through some of the hardest times in my life that I had some wonderful teachers who didn't turn me into the police but helped me channel all my energy and passion into a positive force.

I also have a hard time with the we shouldn't say anything that offends people or mocks them in a no flattering light. Please grow up and fuck off....


the108 said...

Dean and I just had this same conversation a few days ago. I was watching the Virginia Tech thing on the news and listening to everyone freak out about how the shooter had written plays and stories that were "disturbing" and "red flags". It pissed me off because I thought it was crazy that you can't use writing as an outlet. If we should be afraid of everyone who writes about disturbing things then Stephen King and Quentin Tarantino should be expected to go on killing sprees any second.

Not to mention just about every other writer on the planet.

Rocketstar said...

It is a fine line, public protection vs. personal freedom. There is a line there and it may be a wiggly curvy line.

One of the reasons that everyone is sooo touchy these days has to be the liability issue. So IF the school doesn't do anything about the kid writing some violent wierd crap in school papers and he does go off, they are screwed.


Rocketstar said...
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Little Sis said...

The 108 makes yet another good point. I agree that they should not single out these kids. There were other signals that should have sent up "red flags" to the faculty besides his writing.

How about the gun shop clerk who sold him the gun? The shooter had bought 17 rounds of ammo from him at least, and a handgun. (Hello red flag?) Granted he got the majority of his ammo on eBay. Makes you wonder, should we really be selling things like ammo on eBay?

Have you seen the movie Saw I, II, or III? If they should have booted the shooter out of school based on his writings, the writers of the above mentioned movies should be chained up behind bars!(I loved all three of them, but they are pretty disturbing.)

Like Rocket said though, there's a fine line, and when hindsight's always 20/20, you have to have somewhere and something to lay the blame on right?

Brian in Mpls said...

I think that the blame lies solely with the individual. He is accountable for his own actions...just as all of are

plusultra said...

I would like to make a citizens arrest for your blatant abuse of free speech. Do I have that right? Even if i am from Canada eh? Probably not. Oh well I did my best.