Wednesday, April 04, 2007



Maybe I am confused

When I am driving and a person sees me and walks across my path really slow am I a total jackass for getting irate and honking at them or are they the jackass for not speeding up or waiting to cross till after I pass.

I know they have the right off way but still they do not have the right of way because they are cool or important or special they have the right of way because I am in a moving two ton object headed at them and will kill them if I hit them. I think the right of way law has something to do with a fair fight or something, but just once I would love to floor it and watch their fragile human body shatter against the grill of my car. I would frame the windshield and place it on my mantle hopefully preserving the smug ass face they had on their grill when I knocked the life out of them.


the108 said...

Double points if it's an old lady.

Triple if she's accompanied by a boy scout :-)

Brian in Mpls said...

Do I get 4x points if they are all holding small cute

the108 said...

That's funny because I was going to add an extra fufty points for each cat that was trailing behind her :-)

A thousand points if you get out of the car and steal her purse.

Thomas said...

Perhaps one day (in the not-too-distant-future) a simulation game will be invented that will allow you to live out these dark fantasies.

Brian in Mpls said...

We should invent that machine..

The109 said...

The video game geek in me must point out that the game Carmageddon is exactly what you are talking about and it actually exists. Points awarded for maximum death and mayhem behind the wheel.

We live in a sick, sick world.

Megsta said...

remind yourself to not do much driving in my neighborhood... well at least till bike season is well on it's way and I can get out of your way FAST!