Sunday, April 15, 2007

And the answer is.....

Why is Brian so oblivious to all of the problems and decisions he has to make in his life right now?

A.) He is stupid and in denial about the nature of what he is facing.

B.) He is a sociopath and has no emotions and regard for others outside of his immediate personal gratification.

C.) He has so much confidence in himself he knows he will be ok no matter what.

In case there is any doubt in any ones mind the answer is C.

Although the presents of supreme unfounded confidence is a sign of a sociopath I do feel the emotions of guilt and remorse probably more so then most people leading me to shut them out with sometimes self destructive methods. I do appreciate the enormity of the situations presented. I also know that I have lived through a lot and survived and flourish and this will be no exception.


Thomas said...

Tis true. You WILL be OK no matter what happens. Even if you die, you will be OK. That's what I think, anyhow.

Rocketstar said...

"...this will be no exception."

What is "this"

the108 said...

Yeah, what are you talking about? Are you drunk again????


Confidence in dealing with situations is merely inner strngth, my darling. It's a fantastic quality.

Mags said...

And if you aren't ok, Mags will take *good* care of you.


Happy Monday sweet cheeks. LOL

Brian in Mpls said...

I wish I could talk about "this" on here

Mags said...

Email's an option!! If you need to talk.

Brian in Mpls said... don't know what you are asking for with that request;)

Mags said...

Well, I could always just...not reply. any case, and email was sent to you, if you choose to reply...I'm going to school now.