Monday, April 16, 2007

Big Up's to Spin

There is nothing quite like seeing a "famous" person who thinks that they are entitled to act like a prick sprayed in the face with mace.

I love it:)

Does money entitle us to act like a bunch of jerk-offs?

Am I wrong because I have a have a hard time putting athletes and actors on a pedestal?


Mags said...

Nope, not wrong at all. When I worked at Disney we'd see TONS of famous people and I never got star struck. In fact, the only person who ever made me weak in the knees was a "real" man who's name was Mr. Right. For real.

the108 said...

Absolutely not. I get so pissed about how much money these actors and professional athletes make. I think it's ridiculous.

Having money entitles you to nothing more than your money and whatever you choose to buy with it. Unless, you are that rare person who uses your money to help others... then you are entitled to my respect.

~paige~ said...

oooooh i totally agree with you!! i am actually pretty sickened by a lot of things that go on (and how much people idolize) in their priveledged little worlds

Rocketstar said...

In a society that puts $ on the ladder of importance like we do, people are bound to think that it then provides them with different "rights" or treatment.